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Bitdefender Total Security’s Beneficial Features and How to Use Them

Bitdefender Total Security Is the Most Powerful Cybersecurity Solution for All Devices

Security threats are getting increasingly serious daily, making choosing an antivirus solution increasingly difficult. The first step is to determine the level of functionality that the user needs and the budget they are willing to spend for it. There is, on the other hand, a myriad of companies that have put together a security package to address the needs of the customers. However, not all products are suited for every user. 

In this article, we intend to subject Bitdefender Total Security to close scrutiny. This cybersecurity solution is considered one of the most robust security solutions out there.

What is Bitdefender Total Security?

One of the market’s most famous and powerful antiviruses is Bitdefender. It has consistently ranked high in the reviews of experts and average users. Total Security is Bitdefender’s most fully-featured product, with all the premium features incorporated in one package.

Bitdefender’s marketing of this product relies heavily on its strong security features and resource efficiency. The latter is one of the aspects of this security package that sets it apart from the competition. As much as every user craves for the most secure protection of their digital assets, they don’t want the software to overburden their computer resources to the point of freezes or slowdowns. Fully aware of this matter, Bitdefender boasts the highest efficiency among its competitors while maintaining some of the most robust security features available.

Total Security capitalizes on the most sophisticated and effective algorithms to prevent cyberattacks from infiltrating your systems and businesses. It is also capable of detecting malware and defending your computer against it. It has passed numerous independent test scores with flying colors. These results have helped the brand to establish itself as one of the most reliable antivirus solutions in the world.

Bitdefender’s Comprehensive Support for All Platforms

One of the best features of Bitdefender Total Security is that it is available for major operating systems and platforms. These versions boast an excellent performance similar to the main Windows 10 version. 

You get antivirus applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms. These apps allow you to secure your mobile devices with top-of-the-line security solutions. They will give you greater peace of mind on your daily drivers. For those loyal Windows 7 fans, we are happy to let you know that Total Security is available for this operating system and the later versions as well. Users of macOS are not left out either; they only need to have macOS X Yosemite or later installed. This group of users will be able to take advantage of Bitdefender Total Security’s stronghold of protection against cyberthreats.

It is worth mentioning that a license of Total Security will allow you to use it on five devices on different platforms. If you need more devices, you can pay an extra 10% to unlock five more devices for an aggregate of 10 active devices for an account. 

All you need to do is to enter a code in Bitdefender’s Central online console. Afterward, you can install the antivirus solution on that device accordingly or send an email containing the installer link to any device you want. Clicking on the link will automatically start the download of the appropriate version for that operating system. 

Bitdefender Total Security Features

Bitdefender’s different products have some base features that all versions share. Bitdefender Total Security shares the fundamental features with Bitdefender Internet Security and Antivirus Plus. You can find a menu on the left with options for Dashboard, Protection, Privacy, and Utilities. 

Bitdefender Total Security Comes Equipped with Various Base Features of Many Other Products to Offer

On the top of the main window, you can see the security status and recommendations from the Autopilot feature. Bitdefender Autopilot is devised to advise you on the security status of your computer based on the usage trajectory and security threats in your system. The most premium version of them all, Bitdefender Total Security, has extra features added to the base ones as well. In this section, we are going to touch upon all the important features of this product. 

1. Real-time Antivirus Protection

The most pivotal and determining factor for a security solution is its antivirus section. Providing one of the best, if not the best, antivirus capabilities among all security products, it effectively detects all sorts of cyber threats. It includes viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, worms and Trojans, zero-day exploits, spyware, and rootkits.

This smart detection is then followed up by a powerful system that quarantines the threats and suspicious files and cleans them off your computer. The developer team constantly updates its threat defense database. That way, the antivirus has access to an up-to-date list of all viruses and cyber threats. Bitdefender Total Security then compares all the potential threats and risks in your computer with the database, taking appropriate actions as soon as it finds a match. 

Such an autonomous feature shouldn’t give you the impression that the antivirus takes full control of your files and deletes them anytime it wants. The developers have actually implemented a Rescue Environment in Bitdefender Total Security that gives you the option to decide what to do with the quarantined files. You can also use this option to delete the software that has infected your system and restore your computer to a previous healthy state.

Total Security Has One of the Best Security Capabilities Among All Other Security Solutions

If you want to assess the security of your computer regularly, you can use the Vulnerability Assessment feature, which looks for security weak points and vulnerabilities with just one click of a button. Outdated software is analyzed for potential security threats. It also checks Windows files for missing security patches.

It is worth mentioning that if a program or website maliciously attempts to access your webcam or microphone, the Video and Audio Protection will first ask you for permission to avoid unauthorized attempts at spying on you.

2. Web Protection

Another crucial aspect of digital security is protecting your devices against online threats. Spamming, Phishing tools, and ransomware are just a few of the cyberattacks that are primarily carried out through the web. Bitdefender Total Security keeps a close eye on your internet traffic to prevent any malicious files from accessing your computer. Every time you browse the internet or check your emails, Total Security monitors your data to block unsafe and malicious activities. 

Furthermore, there are websites and pop-ups that are specifically designed to disguise themselves as legitimate official sites in order to steal people’s private information and login credentials. Experts refer to these attacks as Phishing attacks, and they aim at inexperienced web surfers. Total Security warns you against all such phishing and scamming websites before allowing you to enter them.

The Network threat protection component efficiently detects and blocks real-world exploits, while the tools against ransomware successfully manage other real-world encrypting ransomware samples. These features, together with a whole bunch of other professional tools against online threats, have made Bitdefender Total Security a top choice for regular and professional users around the world.

3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The use of a VPN is strongly suggested these days to prevent your real IP from being revealed to the websites that you access and malicious individuals who are lurking in the shadows of the online world. There are other advantages to using a VPN besides better security. 

Bitdefender VPN Feature Provides You a Secure Connection to Access World Wide Web Without Any Restriction

Some content, for instance, is only available in certain countries or regions, making it necessary to use an IP-changing mechanism to access them. Bitdefender Total Security provides you with a VPN, so you wouldn’t need to invest in a separate subscription service. You should keep in mind, however, that you will be limited to daily usage of 200 MB. This is undoubtedly not sufficient for medium to heavy internet use. There is still the option for full VPN access, but you will have to pay a separate subscription for it.

Other Features of Bitdefender Total Security

4. Bitdefender Photon

There is a multitude of other features perfectly implemented in Bitdefender’s security arsenal. We intend to mention some of them in this section briefly. Bitdefender Photon is a technology that Total Security uses to adapt its computational processing to your hardware and software components and configurations. This feature further helps the time and resource efficiency of the software.

5. Global Protective Network

With Global Protective Network, Bitdefender developers have managed to perform the heaviest burdens of scanning in the cloud space to minimize the computational cost on your hardware. This will ultimately lead to a much smoother lag-free experience devoid of any slowdowns during comprehensive scanning. This should not worry you in the slightest regarding the privacy of your files, for Bitdefender only looks for security threats and not the actual content of your files.

6. Game, Movie, and Work Modes

Learning your usage patterns and detecting the times when you play video games or watch a movie, Bitdefender Total Security minimizes all notifications and background activities. This is done in an attempt to allow you to have the most enjoyable experience doing your favorite activities.

You Can Customize Your User Experience by Letting Bitdefender Learn Your Usage Patterns to Fulfill You Enjoyable Activities

7. OneClick Optimizer

The OneClick Optimizer is a handy feature that gives you a performance and speed boost. It does so by cleaning unnecessary system files and optimizing your settings and configurations. We can consider it a decent tune-up tool that performs optimizations in the categories of disk, registry, and privacy cleanups. It also gets rid of junk files, temporary files, and redundant cache files.

8. Battery Mode

Total Security can also streamline your power consumption in case you are on mobile devices. The app automatically tweaks system settings and turns off unnecessary features. This could come in handy for the users who need the longest battery life for their devices when they are on the move.

9. Anti-Tracker

In the World of Individual Threats and Trackers You May Need to Make Sure That You Didn’t Leave Anything Behind

You can rely on the Anti-tracker feature to prevent all potential trackers from collecting your data when you browse the internet. The feature makes your internet experience a safe and private one. With so many hackers and malicious groups on the internet, you certainly don’t want to leave track of your private information behind for such individuals to take advantage of.

10. Parental Control

The Parental Control Feature of Total Security Brings Comfortable and Peaceful Mind for Parents While Their Children Surfing the Online World

In an increasingly unsafe online world for kids, parents are always concerned about their children’s experiences in the virtual space. The Parental Control option in Bitdefender Total Security filters out inappropriate and explicit content in kids’ devices while keeping a close eye on screen time. This helps you to successfully curb their excessive use of technological devices. You can also track your children by checking the location of their devices. 

11. Anti-Theft Option

Even though the theft of a desktop PC is much less probable, the instances of laptops and mobile devices being stolen are on the increase. In the case you lose your device, you can use Total Security’s Anti-theft option to access your device from anywhere in the world through the Bitdefender Central account. 

Anti-theft Total Security Option Offers You Access to Your Portable Devices Anywhere From Your Central Panel
Image Source: techadvisor.com

There, you can locate your device, lock it, or wipe its data. As soon as the device connects to a Wi-Fi network, Bitdefender attempts to approximate the location of the device. In more dire circumstances, when your account is on the line as well, Bitdefender Total Security is capable of sending a command remotely to lock your account. On Android devices, you can get it to sound a loud alarm as well.

Having a decent Password Manager, keeping your cyber-wallet secure, and fully deleting a file so no one would recover it (using File Shredder) are among other features in this well-equipped antivirus solution. 

Total Security on Other Platforms


macOS users might not be as concerned about security threats as Windows users are. That might be due to the open-source nature of Windows applications which renders the platform much more susceptible to cyberattacks. 

We are afraid that might not be completely true since macOS users do require a strong security solution as well. It might happen that some unauthorized changes aim to corrupt your important files or infect your computer with ransomware. 

To this end, Bitdefender Total Security has incorporated a feature called Time Machine. It can bring your MAC device to its previous state by rolling back the files to a previous version. This could greatly neutralize malicious ransomware attacks that could ruin your files and cost you an arm and a leg to retrieve your files. You also get the password manager and parental control system. However, you should keep in mind that they are not integrated into the main software.


On the other hand, we can consider the Android platform the mobile equivalent of Windows in being open-sourced and more prone to viruses. With Bitdefender installed on your Android device, you can rest assured that there is always smart software working. It monitors all the data and applications that end up on your device. 

With Bitdefender Installed on Your Android Device You Can Feel Free to Install and Investigate Any Kind of Application in a Secure Environment
Image Source: techadvisor.com

By giving the application Device Administrator status, you can enable the anti-theft feature. 

Bitdefender has another interesting feature that will take a snapshot photo of someone who is trying to get into your phone by trying random passwords. The Scam Alert monitors incoming text messages for suspicious files for potentially malicious links. If it stumbles upon an actual threat, it will suggest that you don’t click on it and delete it if you can. 

If you feel like some applications require more protection, you can use the App Lock feature. Also, the program performs malware scans pretty quickly, and you can launch them again any time you desire. There is the Account Privacy feature that checks the email address linked to your Bitdefender account against breaches.

Even though the rather closed ecosystem of iOS devices is said to provide them with stronger security against the threats that open-source platforms face, there are still some threats. To mention a few, the danger of malicious web pages, online accounts, and mail attachments could jeopardize every iOS device. Bitdefender Total Security on the iOS platform is much simpler and more limited. Yet it is still considered one of the best security options for iOS devices.

Bitdefender Total Security Pricing

Buy Bitdefender Total Security with 40% Discount at the Lowest Price

For a discounted price of $32, you can get a one-year subscription of Total Security. It will grant you access to the antivirus on five simultaneous devices. 

You can increase the device limit to 10 with just 3 extra dollars. So if you need a security solution and you have more than one device, you can’t get a better deal than Total Security’s offer for multiple devices. Such a competitive price range makes it an absolute no-brainer for users with a range of different applications.

Total Security’s Performance Truly Lives Up to Its Name

In this article, we endeavored to present the most fundamental features of Bitdefender Total Security in a detailed fashion. 

Being one of the most secure and efficient antiviruses ever, Total Security genuinely provides you with thorough protection against all cyber threats on all devices. With an incredible array of fantastic features, this antivirus solution truly knocks it out of the park to establish its reputation as one of the best antiviruses to ever be made.


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