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Bitdefender Mobile Security is designed to keep the files and personal data of Android and iOS devices safe from prying eyes.


Top Android Security

Made with the best protection features specific to Android phones and tablets

Top iOS Security

Total protection to debunk the “no virus” myth of iOS devices

Peak Performance

Use Mobile Security wihtout worrying about performance slowdowns

Minimal battery Impact

Optimized iOS and Android apps with the lowest battery usage

Unlock the Best Protection for Your iOS and Android Devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android and iOS comes with the latest security features specific to each device. It secures your devices and protects data from all the potential threats, including data exposure and misuse of the apps you install.

​Protection on Android

With Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, you can scan your Android devices anytime to find threats. It also automatically scans the new apps you install to let you know whether it’s suspicious or not.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android displays in-depth details about the threats on your device, ensuring you make the right choice to protect your Android devices.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android prevents you from going to dangerous websites while browsing the web. The anti-phishing feature scans the links and warns you if you come across dangerous pages.


The rising mobile attacks relying on dangerous links that try to enter your device is now an important issue. Bitdefender Mobile Security stops all of these attacks on your Android devices.


If you use a smartwatch, you should secure it. With WearOn, you’ll extend mobile security and can easily find your mobile phone if you forget where it is. It alerts you when you get too far away from your phone to prevent leaving it behind anywhere.


With the Anti-Theft feature of Bitdefender Mobile Security, you can locate, wipe, and send a message to your device in case of theft. Additionally, it equips your Android device with a self-defense feature that snaps a mugshot of people who try to access your phone. You can then view these images in your Bitdefender Central. account.


Bitdefender Autopilot is your security advisor that gives you deep insights into the security status of your device. Equipped with smart features, it recommends the best security actions according to your system needs and usage.


Bitdefender Mobile Security gives you the most effective protection with the best power management. It scans and completes the process in the Cloud, so there will be no effects on your battery life.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is the most powerful option against threats, yet it always remains easy on your phone’s resources. On-demand scanning happens extremely fast and you’ll never experience system slowdowns.


Many users now use VPN services for their privacy on the web. Bitdefender VPN encrypts all internet traffic to protect your online presence. Bitdefender Mobiles Security allows you to use a free VPN for up to 200 MB per day on your Windows devices.


The App Lock feature of Bitdefender Mobile Security protects your app so no one can access it. It allows you to lock them with a PIN code and enable Smart Unlock to directly access apps when connected to a trusted Wi-Fi network.


With the increasing reports of database leaks, you may easily lose track of your accounts. Bitdefender Mobile Security makes it possible for you to check from your phone if any data breaches have happened to your online accounts. You get a warning when your sensitive data is at risk, allowing you to take the right action.


Parental Control is a great asset to parents worried about their children while using the web. You can log in remotely and control screen time or filter out inappropriate content to have full control over what your kids do online.


Potential Risks of iOS Devices:

  1. You may easily lose your credit card information by visiting a phishing website, and contrary to what many users believe, phishing can happen on iOS devices too. 
  2. The apps you install on your phone send information in the background. You can’t control them and figure out how securely they’re handled. 
  3. Personal data of your iOS can be sent over the internet as a plain text file without you noticing.
  4. Scam links are common security issues in emails. Accessing them on your iOS phone will result in losing your account information. 
  5. Some signup forms appear legitimate, but they’re actually fake. So it’s possible you fill in your information in such forms. 
  6. Connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks makes it possible for hackers and attackers to intercept the traffic on your iOS phone. 

Bitdefender Mobile Security:


Designed to Fully Secure Your iOS Devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS filters all traffic on your device and adds an encryption layer to prevent threats and mishandling of data.

You can also activate the VPN feature for ultimate privacy while browsing web pages or using any online services.

Easily protect your personal data such as addresses and financial information with no worries regarding possible misuse.

While leaving minimal impact on your battery, Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS offers the most powerful protection and provides detailed reports of your online activity to control everything easily.

Scan your phone in real-time and find out misconfigurations that put your files and data at risk. This is the ultimate privacy and security on iOS devices.


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