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Amiri Trading Enterprises S.P.C is the licensed distributor of Bitdefender products in the Middle East.

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We've been attending the cybersecurity market for nearly a decade and can offer the best options to you.

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AlAmiri Computers Trading L.L.C Is the Authorized Distributor of Bitdefender Products

Our Values


Protect all individuals using digital gadgets and internet-based services with the best cybersecurity solutions at the lowest prices.


Inform people about the ever-increasing e-threats, the latest security concerns and solutions, and ensure the safety of those who act smartly.

Our Story

Our company’s anecdote commenced in a small but energetic office in Portugal. Bit by bit, after a decade of hard work and attending the global market, we managed to build up an extensive network of our original license sellers in most parts of the world. Our journey began as a retailer, and from the very beginning, we’ve been focusing on the best cyber security solutions across the globe.

And that was the moment Bitdefender came to light!

The nail was hit on the head, and we became the only distributor of home products in the thriving market of the Middle East.


To be clear, our mission is to inform and protect all individuals using digital gadgets far and wide and exposed to threats such as phishing and viruses. However, we only benefit those smartly using their tools because only smart pioneers keep themselves away from dangers while the rest of the people usually cry over the spilled milk. (Think of a solution after being hit.)

Your data is guarded by our watchful eyes, despite the time they are asleep or having fun and enjoying life, somewhere away from cyberspace.

"All the happiness and delights for you, your safety by us."

This is our vital joy. As Bitdefender protects the international airports of Muscat and Dubai, we will also protect you. Hence, we assert that you should be immersed in lights while we fight the darks.

At Amiri Trading Enterprises, we are ready to respond to you any time of the day, any day of the week. Working with the only official distributor of Bitdefender in the Middle East has two unique advantages:

  • Initially, you will have the lowest possible price,
  • The next benefit is a fixed price for all order quantities.

So join us today and start using the top-ranking security solutions of Bitdefender right away!

If you have any questions or inquiries, just give us a shout.

Stay safe on all devices with robust security solutions of Bitdefender.