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Metaverse and Cybersecurity: Rattling Facts That’ll Keep You Awake!

The metaverse and cybersecurity topic is one of my favorites because I get to talk about one of my all-time favorite shows, Fringe.

For anyone who has not seen Fringe, the show starts with solving unusual FBI cases but evolves into so much more. The main character of Fringe is Walter Bishop, a brilliant Dr and researcher who becomes an asset for the FBI in solving Fringe (unknown science) cases. 

So what’s the connection between Fringe and the metaverse?

Walter figured out a way to cross over to a parallel universe to save his dying son, not his own son, but his son’s double. Later in the show, the two universes were conjoined by a bridge, and you could travel between them anytime you wanted. Of course, all of this was highly classified, and only authorized personnel were allowed to cross over between worlds. 

I know you are already thinking, man, that sounds terrific; I want to visit this parallel universe. Well, that’s where the metaverse comes in. 

What Is the Metaverse?

Metaverse Refers to a Digital Combination of Virtual Worlds Accessible with Specific Tools

Let’s carry on with our Fringe analogy. So imagine all of the things I said about the two universes were real, but the only way you could visit these universes was through a virtual method. Now imagine there are hundreds of universes that are all connected to each other; that’s the basis of the metaverse.

The metaverse is a combination of multiple virtual worlds you can access with specific virtual tools. You already know what tools I am talking about, the VR goggles you use to play video games; yup, that’s one of the tools.

The simplest way to understand the metaverse is to go beyond your physical senses and intellectual understanding. Use your imagination, and picture a world exactly like the one we live in, where everything is accessible at all times to anyone.

The key thing to remember about the metaverse is that it’s built on the internet. It’s like a live but virtual version of the internet world where you can interact with people while you are physically elsewhere.

Metaverse Faciliates Life

Anything you want to do, whether it’s shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking, clubbing, going to a concert, etc., you can do in the metaverse without having to travel for hours. Pretty cool.

You can be at home sitting on your couch but enter the metaverse and have a night out with your friends. If you live in a virtual version of Paris in the metaverse and want to visit Rome, you can do so instantly. If you live in Amsterdam and want to hop on the Brooklyn bridge to see the sunset, you can do so in an instant. You get the idea.

But everything I described is not yet possible because the metaverse is still being built. With all the advancement of technology we have witnessed in the past decades, there is still a lot of work to be done before we can jump from one virtual universe to the other. 

What Is the History of the Metaverse?

The Concept of Metaverse Was First Mentioned in a Book in 1992 As a Digital Copy of the World We Live in
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

The metaverse was first mentioned in a book called Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Neal described the metaverse as a digital replica of the real world, where physical limitations are no longer an issue. 

Today, we can see and talk to a person who is physically halfway around the world, but we still are present in the real world. The basis of the metaverse is that all people are digitally present in one space that combines hundreds of virtual spaces. Everything in the metaverse is digital, and people are in 3D versions of themselves, like a hologram. The whole process creates a real feeling of being in the same room when in fact, you are physically somewhere else. 

What Does the Metaverse Mean in the Business World? 

You might have heard the names of big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Meta, etc. when there is talk about the metaverse. The fact is that each of these companies has managed to create a tiny version of the metaverse in a confined space. They’re primarily meant for virtual meetings and gatherings. 

For example, if you and your team use Microsoft Teams for your meetings, you can generate 3D models of yourselves and place them in the same room as if you were physically there. 

Another example of using the metaverse is creating your double through digital twin technology. So say you want to be in two meetings at the same time; you can create an AI-powered hologram of yourself and then send it to attend the second meeting. 

Here are other companies that are utilizing the metaverse technology:

Meta (Formerly known as Facebook): 

Meta Is Among the First Companies That Used the Metaverse Technology to Faciliate Remote Work
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

Meta was one of the first companies that used the metaverse technology. It created virtual spaces for executing remote work meetings with the aim of offering a close-to-reality interactive experience.

Other examples of Meta’s ambition to dominate the metaverse include offering users an alternative reality for shopping, traveling, attending events, and social get-togethers. 


Apple Products Allow You to Enjoy a Dual-World Experience by Using the AR Technology
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

Apple uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to bring the virtual world and our exciting world together for an ultimate dual-world experience. It’s no surprise that Apple wants to combine our current reality with the metaverse. We can clearly see their commitment to preserving originality by looking at Apple products. 

Although each of Apple’s products is a state-of-the-art piece of tech, they all embody the original simplicity that the company has always believed in—keeping the original essence (our real world) yet making it more magnificent with extraordinary tools (the metaverse). 


Seeing How Furniture Looks in the Home without Help of Interior Designers Is an Advantage of Metaverse
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

Amazon is the number one e-commerce platform offering a vast range of physical and virtual products. So when they had a chance to add a spicy feature to users’ virtual purchases, they took it. 

The unique feature Amazon has implemented using the metaverse technology is virtual furniture layouts. With this feature, people can see how their purchased furniture will look in their homes. That means no need to hire interior designers anymore; you can literally see and capture your dream design. 


The Omniverse Platform of Nvidia Is a Great Platform for Designers and Creators to Help Them with Their Jobs
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

NVIDIA has a unique platform called the Omniverse which links multiple metaverses together. (Remember the bridge that connected the two universes in Fringe? This Omniverse is that bridge but a lot bigger.) 

The Omniverse is the perfect platform for designers, creators, engineers, and anyone who needs to use enhanced simulation technology. 

Roblox Corporation:

The Virtual Platform of Roblox Is a Perfect Place for Gamers and Game Developers to Show Off Their Talents and Make Money
Image Source: Roblox

Roblox has used the metaverse concept to create a gaming platform where gamers can play in virtual worlds and socialize with each other. Roblox’s virtual platform is a great place for gaming developers as well. That’s because they can auction their games, showing off their talents and making money at the same time. 

Everything sounds fun and exciting so far. 

Yup, it’s time for the “but.”

Metaverse and Cybersecurity; Should You Be Concerned?

The metaverse will be a 3D replica of the real world without government entities monitoring suspicious and criminal activity. So basically, it would be a lawless digital world, perfect for committing all sorts of crimes. 

Fortunately, there is still time to get a jump on solving the metaverse and cybersecurity dilemma. Still, as people and companies are using metaverse-like software already, it’s essential to know the facts before you get into trouble. 

Cybercrime in the Metaverse 

Cybercrime in the metaverse can range from phishing attempts, data theft, identity theft, shady deals, underground trading, etc. 

Here’s a breakdown of instances that can jeopardize the metaverse and cybersecurity matter:

  • Unauthorized access to industrial equipment to launch remote attacks
  • Using digital twins to steal users’ identities and commit cybercrime in the metaverse
  • Using digital twins to access a replica of an industrial facility or company and map out an attack plan
  • Using cryptocurrency to purchase stolen goods and then selling them on the market
  • Creating fake goods to steal users’ digital money 
  • Launching ransomware attacks by using digital twin technology to infiltrate an organization
  • Hacking users’ AI-powered bodysuits and reprogramming them to malfunction (causing physical damage to the user wearing the bodysuit)
  • Setting up a criminal organization where people trade private files, illegal drugs, government secrets, etc.
  • Auctioning classified documents regarding nuclear codes, military operations, etc
  • Gaining access to sensitive user data like physical locations and selling it on the market

The list of metaverse cybersecurity risks is endless if you really think about it. According to cnbc.com, one of the major concerns regarding metaverse security is surely tech companies’ invasion of user privacy. We’re all too familiar with this one after Facebook’s data breach scandal in 2019.

What Does the Future of Metaverse Hold?

Without clear and strict laws regarding the metaverse and cybersecurity, all types of criminal activity can indeed be committed without leaving a trace. The metaverse will be a free-pass zone for murderers, drug or human traffickers, thieves, psychopaths, etc. 

The movies make the virtual worlds look so fun and energizing. But we are too close to making it a reality in our world. So people shouldn’t be in a hurry to enter this unknown world. That’s because once the gateway is open, goblins of all sorts rush through to relish in the goods.

The Field of Metaverse and Cybersecurity Is Where Clear and Strict Laws Are Required to Prevent Criminal Activities

Fearing the unknown is never a good strategy; so what we can do is learn the facts to protect ourselves in the best way possible. 

Here’s a great resource if you want to learn more about the metaverse and cybersecurity: A Review of Metaverse and Cybersecurity in the Digital Era.

Metaverse and Cybersecurity FAQ

What Is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a combination of digital worlds in a 3D format. So there are multiple worlds besides the one we live in, but at the moment, I cannot access them physically. But in the metaverse, every world will be connected, and we can jump from one to another in an instant.

What Are Metaverse Cybersecurity Risks?

If the metaverse becomes a fully functioning digital world, the metaverse cybersecurity risks will emerge in no time. Phishing scams, identity theft, illegal trading, trafficking, etc., are just a few of the metaverse cybersecurity risks. 
Head over to “Cybercrime in the Metaverse” to get fully spooked. 

What Is Metaverse Security?

If you’re wondering if people can commit cybercrime in the metaverse, the answer is yes. Metaverse is going to be a digital version of the real world. So in order to have the highest level of security in the metaverse, there must be strict security protocols like single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and other AI-powered methods to ensure users’ safety and privacy.

What Is the Difference Between Metaverse and Cyberspace?

Cyberspace is created within a real environment, whereas the metaverse will be a virtual reality on its own. Here’s a fun (and maybe spooky) analogy:
Cyberspace is like an escape room, built and accessible in the real world, and there are many of them. The metaverse is an infinite escape room all by itself, with no additional dimension for you to enter or escape to.

Can Metaverse Replace the Internet?

No. This is like asking, “Can Google replace the Internet?”. The metaverse will be a 3D version of the internet. Think of the metaverse as our second world; it’s 100% digital, and people can do all sorts of activities without physical limitations.

What Advantages Does Metaverse Have?

The metaverse is about bringing life to the digital world and how we interact with each other. So, for example, if you are in a Zoom meeting, you see other people’s faces and hear their voices, but you feel separated from them. Whereas in the metaverse, all the people in the meeting will be 3D models existing in one digital space.


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