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Bitdefender vs. Norton: Which Internet Security Software Is Better?

Bitdefender vs. Norton is like Coke vs. Pepsi. Both are popular cola brands, each with unique flavors. Here we’ll look at both antiviruses’ features, prices, and user experience to see how they stack up against each other.

Bitdefender vs. Norton Has Been a Classic Duel Since the Dawn of Antivirus Software

The ongoing competition between Norton and Bitdefender is a veritable clash of titans. Founded only 10 years apart and both rising to prominence in the early 2000s, Bitdefender vs. Norton has been a classic duel since the dawn of antivirus software. 

As you might expect, both products have legions of loyal customers. And while it’s hard to talk about Norton without a certain amount of bias, we want to write one of the most comprehensive and honest Bitdefender vs. Norton comparison reviews around.

Love them or loathe them, Norton and Bitdefender have long been the gold standard in cybersecurity. In this head-to-head comparison, we’ve taken a close look at the features, pricing, and customer service of these two top antivirus software providers so you can make a smart choice.

Bitdefender vs. Norton: Which Offers Better Protection?

To protect your device from viruses, you need an antivirus program that’s endlessly vigilant and persistent. The point is to have a fail-safe program. To compare  Bitdefender vs. Norton in their ability to provide protection against cyber threats, we survey the results of the AV-Test Institute. The latest AV comparison tests show that both antivirus programs are exceptional quality protection, but Bitdefender is a step ahead.

When it comes to real-time protection, Bitdefender’s philosophy is simple. By knowing what your device is doing every millisecond, you avoid unwanted cyber threats. Norton, of course, also offers great protection for your device, no less than Bitdefender.

To make this commentary as clear as possible, we’ll compare the protection features of the two antivirus programs more deeply.

1. Malware Protection

Malware Protection Is One of the Most Favorable Options Which Any User Will Care About It on Any Antivirus Solutions
Image Source: Antivirus-review.com

As you surf the web, your computer may be at risk of encountering threats like viruses, spyware, and other browser-based risks. Norton 360 and Bitdefender are great choices if you want comprehensive Internet security suites to fight cybercrime. They both use state-of-art technology to catch and stop dangerous threats before reaching your device.

One of the things I love about Bitdefender is its commitment to constantly improving the product. To give you an idea, Bitdefender Shield leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning abilities to identify the newest malware samples and never-seen-before threats. It’s one of the most advanced methods for malware detection. But Norton relies on a traditional approach to identify malicious programs. It uses pre-existing databases of malware samples, which may explain why it produces more false positives than Bitdefender.

Norton 360 also includes some innovative features, such as the LifeLock identity-theft protection service, which can be purchased separately.

2. Scanning

If you like to use scanning utilities of your antivirus software, you’ll be thrilled with how easy and efficient it is to perform a manual scan with both service providers. 

Norton 360 offers a full range of customization tools for the Norton AntiVirus scan process. Its powerful engine allows you to scan any file for any issue, set the protection parameters, and adjust it to meet your needs. 

Bitdefender has a multifaceted scanning feature that helps you make your system as safe as can be. You can choose from a variety of scanning types to search for possible vulnerabilities and patch them. It provides suggestions for improving your security and alerts you to the presence of any potential threats.

3. Firewall Protection

Norton 360 provides you with their unique “Intrusion Prevention System”, which is one of the best firewalls out there. This firewall’s smart decision system makes sure every data package entering your network is safe and detects and blocks network attacks before they do any damage. Additionally, there are some other cool features, such as content tampering detection and DNS spoofing to customize your network protection.

Firewalls Provide Protection Against Outside Cyber Attackers by Shielding Your Computer or Network From Malicious or Unnecessary Network Traffic.

Bitdefender’s simpler functionality provides fewer customization options, but it is as capable as its main competitor. The Bitdefender Firewall provides an interface for configuring application access, rules, and network adapters. It also includes protection against port scans, a common method that hackers use to find out which devices on a local area network have open ports, as these are often vulnerable security holes.

Bitdefender vs. Norton: Which Provides Better Features?

Norton and Bitdefender are virtually tied on core features, but Norton has a slight edge with regard to affordability and has a few extra features. Of course, it’s essential to remember that not all antivirus solutions are equal; features, prices, and availability are subject to change based on your location and your device. So, it’s important to choose the best security software option based on your manner. 

Overall, both of these services provide great features. If you’re strictly a Mac user, yet, Norton seems like a more compelling option, while Bitdefender can be a more adequate option for Windows users. Furthermore, each company offers different tiers of products, from basic to deluxe, each with a distinct feature set and price range.

To help you make the best decision, we will explore each program’s features in detail.

Bitdefender Features

Bitdefender’s base edition is free to use, whereas Norton 360 has to be purchased. It doesn’t include the features that are available in Norton 360 first-tier but provides a good degree of protection without any financial cost. 

Bitdefender Provide Wide Range of Useful Features Includes Behavioral Malware Detection, Ransomware Remediation, Safepay, Webcam Protection, Antispam, Bitdefender’s Vpn, and More.

The free and paid versions of Bitdefender leverage the same database to identify potential threats. That means you’ll get the same level of malware protection, regardless of which version you’re using.

But, if you opt for the paid version of Bitdefender, you can take advantage of many advanced features. These include behavioral malware detection, ransomware remediation, SafePay, webcam protection, Antispam, Bitdefender’s VPN, and more.

Besides all its necessary security features, Bitdefender offers an assortment of extra features to please anyone who uses them. Some of these incredible features are password manager, file shredder, parental control, and a variety of specific modes that can be set for certain times.

Norton 360 Features

Norton 360 Offers Various Features Includes  Including Real-Time-Protection, Smart Firewall, Norton’s Vpn, Safecam, Cloud Storage, and 24/7 Customer Support.

Norton’s antivirus software comes in three tiers: Standard, Deluxe, and LifeLock Select. All tiers are top-of-the-line security suites along with an impressive toolbox of handy features. The Norton 360 standard plan provides users with many features, including real-time-protection, Smart Firewall, Norton’s VPN, SafeCam, cloud storage, and 24/7 customer support. 

If you need a more sophisticated security product than the standard Norton, you can consider upgrading to the Norton 360 Deluxe version. It includes some extra features such as parental control, School Time, Dark Web monitoring, and the brand new Norton Crypto feature. The LifeLock service is also an Identity Theft Protection application that you can buy separately. This service is only available in the US, and the Norton pricing option for the rest of the world will end with the Deluxe version. 

So, the winner of the Bitdefender vs. Norton competition mainly depends on what you need from your security software. Bitdefender offers more features in all of its plans, so if you want a wide range of protections and don’t mind paying for them, Bitdefender is the better choice. Norton has a different approach; It is more selective about the features it offers and makes them available only to higher-tiered plans.

Bitdefender vs. Norton: Pricing

Bitdefender vs Norton Pricing Comparison at A Glance.

Since Norton 360 has only paid editions, Bitdefender remains the obvious choice for anyone looking for a free antivirus. The free version of Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus apps you can download. Although it’s free, it will provide you with premium protection.

Yet, this is not the case when it comes to paid options. For a first-year period, Norton 360 is more affordable than Bitdefender. By bundling more advanced features into its product offering, it seems that Norton 360 is a better value option in the first year. However, as we mentioned earlier, both platforms are offered at different tiers and prices.

Norton 360 Is Offered in Three Tiers: 

·         Norton 360 Standard – $19.99/year, 1 device (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

·         Norton 360 Deluxe – $49.99/year, 5 devices

·         Norton 360 with LifeLock – $149.99/ year, 5 devices

Bitdefender Has Four Different Tiers, Which Are as Follows:

·         Bitdefender Mobile Security – $6/year, 3 devices

·         Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – $23.50/year, 3 devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

·         Bitdefender Internet Security – $29.40/year, 3 devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

·         Bitdefender Total Security – $31.80/year, 3 devices (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

Bitdefender vs. Norton: Which One Has a Better Interface?

Norton 360 Has White Simple User Interface Which Fit All Kind of Users Needs.
Bitdefender User Interface Is Easy to Understand. It Can Be Installed With No Difficulty and Offers a Free Trial.

Bitdefender does not intimidate new users with a steep learning curve and is easy to understand. It can be installed with no difficulty and offers a free trial, which lets you try the service out before committing to purchase. The desktop apps have a simple navigation scheme with content broken into separate sections with customizable options. The mobile app follows the same design language, although the iOS version’s design falls short of the Android experience.

Norton 360’s installation process is much more complex than Bitdefender. Its desktop app acts as a portal for different Norton services, some of which require installation on your computer. However, once you overcome the initial setup hurdles, you’ll find that having separate apps for different functionalities is useful as it is a great way to maintain order in your daily workflow.

It seems that Bitdefender vs. Norton are both on equal ground when it comes to user-friendliness. The interfaces of the Bitdefender and Norton security programs are both easy and enjoyable to use and don’t have any huge drawbacks.

PC Performance – Which Antivirus Runs Faster?

Bitdefender starts up 2.5 times faster than Norton 360 in a recent independent “boot time” test. This speediness makes it a good fit for older or resource-constrained machines.

In terms of scanning, there’s very little difference between Bitdefender and Norton. However, Bitdefender’s function is lightweight on resources and won’t slow your computer while scanning.

Both Security Solutions Are Great in Their Own Right. However, the Solidity of Bitdefender Outweighs Norton 360

Final Verdict: Bitdefender or Norton?

Beyond the scope of this comparison, both security solutions are great in their own right. However, the solidity of Bitdefender outweighs Norton 360. Bitdefender may not be the Mac daddy or a standout iOS solution, but it’s a top Windows service with an intuitive app and a promise to keep your computer happier. Norton 360 is also a high-quality security solution, including many useful features for a relatively low price.

Now it’s time to decide which security software comes out on top in the Bitdefender vs. Norton battle. And once the dust has settled, it’s up to you to decide which antivirus reigns supreme: Norton or Bitdefender?


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