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What Are the Advantages of Antivirus Software?

In a World of Increasing Cyber Threats, Having a Reliable Antivirus Product Has Become Inevitable
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With the proliferation of the Internet and technological advancements, the need for digital security has further been highlighted in recent years. A plethora of cyberattacks have been devised, such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, malware, Trojans, spamming, and rootkits. 

Consequently, it is of paramount importance for both business owners and everyday users to invest in an antivirus solution that can give them peace of mind. Having seen what a virus can do during the pandemic, people should be careful with computer viruses as well! A virus in your computer can inflict such critical damage to your computer that it would no longer function properly. 

Therefore, we intend to present the reasons for considering an antivirus in full detail. Before we dive into that, let’s discuss some basic facts about viruses.

What Is a Virus?

Just as viruses in real life spread from one infected individual to another, computer viruses tend to operate in a similar fashion. By spreading from one computer to another, they gradually infect more and more users. 

Viruses are designed to perform a variety of functions. They include but are not limited to slowing down your computer, stealing your information, reformatting your hard drive, causing computer crashes and data loss, and damaging your computer components. Such properties of viruses could lead to huge financial damage to individual users and companies. It could come in the form of corrupted and stolen data, system failures, ransomware, and increased maintenance costs.

How Are Viruses Made?

Skilled programmers code viruses. They intend to take advantage of their knowledge to cause damage to computers or exploit the weak points in an attempt to make money. Some programmers might try to show off their skills by creating a virus and spreading it around without intending to do serious damage. 

There are, however, more alarming scenarios in which hackers intend to damage a computer or an entire enterprise. Whatever the purpose of the programmer is, you should always have the right tools to protect yourself against all possible viruses.

Different Kinds of Viruses

There Are Various Types of Viruses Which Can Lead Our Digital Life to a Disaster
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Having discussed the nature of computer viruses and the purposes behind their creation, it is now a good idea to know some basic facts about different kinds of viruses. 

1. Resident Viruses

As the name “resident” implies, these viruses install themselves on computers. That way, they can still survive even if the user eradicates the original source of the virus, rendering them very dangerous. We have two kinds of resident viruses, namely fast infectors and slow infectors. Fast infectors are designed to inflict as much damage as possible in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, slow infectors take a gradual approach toward damaging your system.

2. Direct Action Viruses

Instead of installing themselves or hiding in computers’ memories, direct action viruses tend to attach themselves to a certain type of files. When a user runs that file, the virus gets the chance to come back to life and spread to similar files. One of the consequences of these viruses is making some files inaccessible.

3. Boot Sector Viruses

These viruses used to be rampant when using floppy disks was common back in the days. Nowadays, they mostly take USB drives and email attachments as their primary tools of transfer to the host computer. They target the master boot record, making themselves very difficult to remove.

4. Macro Viruses

These viruses are usually carried through Microsoft Word or Outlook. That’s because of the prevalence of these files among the majority of the population. Macro Viruses are hidden in these files, and they automatically run upon opening the document. So, in addition to having a good antivirus product, always keep in mind that you shouldn’t open unexpected attachments in the emails you receive.

How Does an Antivirus Work?

Antiviruses Are Designed To Detect Security Threats And Take Effective Actions Against Them
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Taking into account all the mechanisms viruses use to infect the host computers, antiviruses take action to detect security threats. They will then take effective action against them. They constantly check the programs you open and run scans in the background to look for dormant viruses or infected files. 

If a file matches the antivirus’s infection criteria, it will be stopped and quarantined. It is worth mentioning that however cautious you are with your computer use, there is still the risk of potential viruses waiting for the right opportunity to inflict damage on your system. With that in mind, we are going to discuss the reasons everybody needs to consider installing a good antivirus.

Top 11 Reasons You Need an Antivirus Product

Without further ado, let’s dive into the reasons you need to consider an antivirus.

1. Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses and Cyber Attacks

As mentioned above, the spread of viruses on your computer could lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to stop the viruses in their tracks as soon as possible. And needless to say, it is one of the primary duties of an antivirus. 

Antiviruses are designed to continually look for potential viruses or files containing threats. Then, they proceed to take effective actions against viruses by either deleting or quarantining them until the user decides what to do. A good antivirus product detects and takes care of all the viruses and cyberthreats in the background without disturbing you. 

One of the most powerful antivirus solutions that has got you covered in every security aspect is Bitdefender antivirus. It has been ranked numerous times as one of the best antiviruses in recent years. It is worth mentioning that they have developed various products with different security concerns in mind to cater to every individual or business’s needs. 

If you are looking for an antivirus solution that could give you the ultimate peace of mind, make sure to check out the different products Bitdefender has to offer.

2. Defending Your Digital Assets Against Hackers and Thieves

In this day and age, the definition of theft is not just limited to the traditional stealing of people’s physical property. Stealing your private and valuable data is also considered theft (digital theft). Hackers take advantage of codes written as malware and viruses to go about accessing your data and exploiting them. One of the ways in which a hacker gets to install such a malicious file is through emails and their attachments. 

Hackers Take Advantages of Malware To Access Your Digital Assets
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Once they get into your system, they can carry out a multitude of malicious activities. They range from stealing your information and asking for a ransom to damaging your computer and shutting down your business. Good antivirus products keep an eye out for anonymous files you might open up unknowingly. They also make sure to nip the virus in the bud before it gets the chance to unleash its destructive and malicious force. Bitdefender’s real-time protection feature is specifically designed to ensure your system’s security and defense against hackers and data thieves.

3. Protection Against Malicious Files in Removable Devices

We previously pointed out in the article that one of the methods viruses are designed to use to reach the host computer is via a removable USB device. In the hands of a skilled hacker, a USB device could become a destructive force to damage your computer. 

One of the symptoms of being victimized by such a method is experiencing slowdowns or erratic behavior in your operating system after connecting a random USB drive. It usually happens when you forget to secure your computer using a robust antivirus product. 

On the other hand, you can’t completely stop using USB drives in an attempt to avoid viruses. Instead, we suggest you invest in trusted antivirus software that effectively takes care of all potential cyber threats that might put your computer at risk.

One of The Methods Viruses Are Designed to Use is Reach The Host Computer Via a Removable USB Device
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4. Blocking Spams and Pop-up Advertisement

We all spend some time every day surfing the internet, looking for our favorite products or frequently used social media platforms. Since hackers are aware of this trend, they try to embed their viruses in pop-up ads and spam websites. 

That way, they can seamlessly navigate the virus into the host’s computer and inflict the planned damage. This should give you a solid reason to install powerful antivirus software. That’s because however careful you are with your computer usage, you can barely defend it against unexpected viruses on the web. It is worth mentioning that Bitdefender antivirus has incorporated strong mechanisms to readily fight against online viruses. The brand has received numerous awards for its security features.

5. Scanning Your Data and Files

Even if you have failed to prevent the entry of viruses into your computer, you can always thwart further damage from viruses by immediately getting an antivirus product. Upon installing the antivirus, it will promptly proceed to scan your files for existing viruses, and it will try to delete them and clean your computer from malicious files.

6 . Protecting Your Computer Against Phishing Attacks and Spyware

Phishing attacks are designed specifically to steal your login credentials, credit card information, and other personal data. 

Different antivirus products implement various firewalls and services to counter such attacks. These attacks could significantly endanger your sensitive information, resulting in irreversible financial losses. Bitdefender antivirus has a powerful anti-phishing mechanism, which effectively monitors your network, websites, and emails for such malicious attempts.

7. Increasing Your Computer’s Speed and Lifespan

If your system suffers from hidden viruses and different malware, you will undoubtedly experience a slower user interface and possible computer crashes. Such problems could get frustrating, ruining your everyday experience with your computer. In addition, some viruses are designed to overload certain components of your computer. They will slow down the crucial activities you need to do using your system.

Some Viruses Are Designed To Overload Certain Components of Your Computer
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Users and experts have also noticed that computers suffering from viruses tend to break down and malfunction more frequently than others. Consequently, they will have to be repaired more often, potentially leading to increased wear and tear and reduced lifespan of the computer components. That should be another important reason for the users to consider installing powerful antivirus software.

8. Limiting Users’ Access to Malicious Websites

A good antivirus product is supposed to block your access to websites that are suspected to be used as a tool for carrying out cyberattacks. Since you can’t know all the websites that are possibly dangerous to your computer, it is essential to let a credible antivirus company take care of these threats. 

Antiviruses have a list of websites with malicious purposes. Developer teams constantly update the lists to bring the utmost level of security to the end-users. This way, every time you click on a website to get information about a topic, you will rest assured that the antivirus product checks for potential exploitations or threats before allowing you to enter the website.

9. Password Protection

With the increasing number of platforms and websites, there has been an increasing number of passwords that every individual has to remember and insert on a regular basis. 

Experts have come up with password protection applications over the years. However, if you don’t need such a specific and professional application, you can trust the password protection services some antiviruses offer. These services offer an acceptable level of security and protection against attacks. And fortunately, they’re not too complicated for the average user. 

Keep in mind that if a hacker manages to get access to your passwords, they can easily steal your sensitive information. This will leave you vulnerable to exploitation and blackmail. We suggest you check out Bitdefender’s password protection feature. It packs all the necessary security measures in a compact and easy-to-use interface.

10. Being Rather Inexpensive

If you ever fall victim to a form of a cyberattack or the consequences of viruses and malware, you would have to pay a hefty price for the damage these threats inflict on your computer. Especially, it could get much worse if you are in charge of a business. 

Consequently, it is quite rational to claim that antiviruses are relatively inexpensive for the grave responsibility that is designated to them. They save you from much greater damage and cost that could result from the repercussions of viruses and malicious files. Even if you can’t afford a paid subscription of a decent antivirus product, you can try the free alternatives. It might be a better choice than leaving your system susceptible to all sorts of cyber threats in the online world.

11. Parental Control

It should be evident to everyone that the Internet these days is not a safe environment for kids. There are all sorts of inappropriate and violent materials on the internet that could jeopardize the young ones’ mental health. 

It is Absolutely Essential For Parents to Use an Antivirus Product to Protect Their Children in the Virtual World
Image Source: Allconnect.com

Dangers of the virtual world could sometimes compete with those of the actual world. These threats could happen in the form of abuse, exploitation, murder, suicide and so on. As a result, it is absolutely essential for parents to avoid leaving their kids defenseless in such a crazy online world. 

Antiviruses like Bitdefender have addressed this very concern of parents by implementing parental control mechanisms. Using these mechanisms, you can monitor your kids’ activities in the online space. You can also take it a step further and block some websites and applications so your children will not be able to access them.

Conclusion on Reasons to Use an Antivirus Product

With the ever-increasing stories of businesses and individuals getting hit hard by the consequences of cyber threats, we decided to put together a comprehensive article covering various facets of this phenomenon. 

Touching upon the definition of viruses and their different kinds, we discussed why every user should pay careful attention to their systems’ security by choosing a creditable antivirus service. 

The bottom line is that you should never take the matter of security lightly. Otherwise, the ramifications could end up seriously damaging your digital life. Instead, choose the most powerful antivirus product that fits your needs. Let years’ worth of expert programmers’ experience be the guardian of your system.


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